Animal Facility Unit

(Good Laboratory Practice and GLP-like compliant laboratories)

The key area of Biogem MIR is represented by the animal facility, a completely specific pathogen free (SPF) facility that, thanks to an area of 1000 m2, has the possibility to host up to 30,000 rodens.

The facility is authorized to the use of rodents in biomedical researches by the employed office of the Ministry of Health with ministerial decree nr 100/2006 of July 10th. 2006 and follows the rules of the D.lgs. N° 26 – 04/03/2014, an Italian law regulating rodents housing and use for experimental purposes. This law follows the EU law 2010/64/UE – 22/09/2006, concerning the protection of animals used for research or other scientific purposes.  More over the Facility has an internal Ethical committee (OPBA).
Currently, the BIOGEM animal facility hosts 9000 transgenic mice and about 1000 mice (both wild type and transgenic mice), enrolled in various experiments.
Among the numerous experimental models actually developed we have the possibility to host and evaluate mice coming from other groups as well as to perform experiments based on already known animal models.






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