Experimental Pharmacology & Analytical Biochemistry

These units  count the use of hundreds of different cell lines and primary tumors. The cell cultivation team is taking care of the maintenance of the cell lines and the stable clones produced in MIR (i.e. lucipherase overexpressing). In these  units  cytotoxicity, metabolic, proliferative and apoptosis assays are routinely performed. The biological activity and the toxicologic profile of products intended for therapeutic use, destined to the preclinical research, are investigated. Multiple cell models are available in response to the need to study in detail the organ-specific effects of any type of compound. The team focuses on drug discovery characterization of biochemical and pharmacological effects of molecules either of synthetic origin or natural compounds in cooperation with national and international academic or industry partners.



Animal Facility / Toxicology & Pathology / Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamic / Protein Factory & Functional Genomics /

Natural Products / Forensic Genetics