Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamic Unit

The Pharmacokinetics laboratory is a center of excellence for nonclinical studies providing expertise in drug metabolism and toxico/pharmacokinetics (ADMET)
The laboratory staff, working with other operational departments, provides complete animal studies including dose administration, bioanalytical service, toxico/pharmacokinetic analysis and interpretation of results. Skilled scientists conduct pharmacokinetic analyses through the development, validation, and application of bioanalytical quantitative methods using High Performance Liquid Chromatography with fluorescence, diode array and mass spectrometry detection.
Pharmacokinetic analyses cover single and multiple doses with different administration routes, bioavailability, tissue distribution and metabolite identification. In addition, a set of perfusion techniques is available for kidney, liver, muscle and heart tissues of experimental animals, aimed to evaluate the disposition and toxicology of investigational compounds. Data entry, calculation, modeling and statistical interpretation of the pharmacokinetic results are performed using standard software (WinNonLin or Kinetica).



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