Toxicology  & Pathology Unit

(Good Laboratory Practice and GLP-like compliant laboratories)

Highly qualified Personnel belongs to this Unit, with expertise in both Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology.The  Unit  provides the Toxicologic and Safety profile of the compounds under investigation (including small molecules and biotechnology-derived proteins), ADME (Absorption Distribution and Metabolism) Studies  (together with PK/PD Unit), as well as  “in vitro” citotoxicity Studies (in collaboration with Experimental Pharmacology & Analytical Biochemistry Unit)Proper planning of a platform of multidisciplinary developmental Studies can be suggested to the Customer, on a case by case basis, addressed to rapidly achieve IND submission to Regulatory Authorities. Possible off-target effects are promptly communicated to the Sponsor and refinement of dose levels, route and/or frequency of administration are kindly suggested, in order to enhance safety margin.



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